Development Process

B&G Intelligence is a team of passionate designers & developers. We collaborate with our clients to establish a unique and effective marketing and reporting platform for each business.

Our rigorous process ensures your project is managed strategically and efficiently from initial conception through to final delivery and after-sales support.

Phase One:
Market Analysis

We consult with you to evaluate if you are after an in-house presentation and reporting platform or if you are looking for a solution available to the wider public.

Each platform is customised to your business needs. We work collaboratively with you to design a path that will reflect your internal sales processes.

Design & Develop

If you require additional content created we will work with you to ensure you have the content required to provide an engaging and memorable experience of your sale campaigns.

Phase Two:
Prototype Development

Throughout the development stage you will be provided with prototype examples of your platform to ensure you are 100% satisfied with the flow of your application.

Integrate Within Your Business

Introduction to your customised backend system that will provide you with the tools to update your application in-house & in real-time with your custom content.

Phase Three:
Deployment & Support

Your selected solution will be deployed and handover of your backend system will occur, along with follow up training and support provided to ensure you are confident to continue to customise and update your platform. Providing you with a powerful and interactive sales platform.