B&G Intelligence - Inspired By

The intelligence, determination and success of two remarkable women.

Both changed the way we work by opening our minds to new improved ways,
whilst streamlining our working lives.

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B&G's Bette

Our Passion:

Is to provide you with customised, flexible & innovative systems, that increase team productively by streamlining workflows and opening cross team communication & collaboration.

Additionally we focus on facilitating increased customer engagement and retention through interactive & memorable experiences of your products & brand.

Innovative & Flexible:

Our purpose is to provide you with accessible user-friendly system that gives you access to update your platform in-house and in real-time - no coding required.

We are passionate about your access to a flexible customised solution that suits your business needs, the way you work and move fluidly with your sales campaigns.

Introducing B&G's Bette:

A white labelled customised interactive multi-touch solution.

B&G’s Bette centralises all your marketing material into an innovative, interactive sales presentation & document reporting platform.

With B&G’s Bette you will improve customer engagement and streamline your workflows freeing up sales teams time to stay focused on selling.

“The most dangerous phrase in the language is— 'We've always done it this way'”
Grace Hopper
“B&G's Bette is about flexibility & accessibility.
Engaging & retaining customers, automating work processes & opening team collaboration.”
Sophie Monti
Founder — B&G Intelligence.